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in Faqs. is your first and best source for information on topics relating to issues of general interest. Review frequently asked questions, open a discussion on any topic and obtain closed answers from fellow community members.

Like anyone with ambition the open and closed project has been a work in progress that started quite some time ago. With a view to provide the answers from in-depth research on various topics in the digital media field. Setting standards in the four fields of web, internet and technology, dubbing and captioning and publishing docs with detailed descriptions of findings.

Now you can obtain answers from  important questions that have remained a mystery.

Open and Closes has high standards to maintain and requests that all contributors include a description of their credentials alongside their question or answer.

Popular topics such as mobile technology, home improvements, training, education, the environment, and relationships are encouraged to be discussed. Topics such as politics, entrepreneurship, dubbing and captioning is will not be published.

It has been some time since the open and closed project has been launched however with contributions, donations and capital raising now finalized, the project is finally in full swing.

May your questions be answered.

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